my top 5 female authors!

Hello, fellow bloggers!

One remarkable trait of mine is that I tend to care a lot for male characters. I don’t know why, but I’m more drawn to them than by female ones and I feel like, sometimes, I am only talking about men in my blog. Even if they’re fictional men. And I am not really about that.

So, I decided to finally share my favorite *female* authors and soon a female characters list too. Basically, let’s have me hyping up all the amazing women in the bookish world who deserve so much more.


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Ha. We’re already going for a controversial start.

Now, honestly, I adore Rainbow Rowell. Don’t take that as personal offense if you don’t. I know she has released problematic things in the past, but I still love all of her stuff with my whole heart. She wrote the first fat character I had ever read about in YA. Or at least the first fat character who was not there for a comic relief or as a bully. (I’m talking to you, J.K Rowling and Dudley Dursley).

I find she has one of the most unique writing voices ever. Considering she has YA and adult books, a fantasy one and contemporaries, it’s phenomenal to me that her voice pops in every single one of them. Her dialogues are also always hilariousand the way she describes romance tugs in my heart strings everytime.

(And she also taught me that Oklahoma is a state!)


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Granted, Nic Stone is still a new author, and has only released two books. But when I tell you that she’s an autobuy author and I’ll get whatever else she releases, I mean it.

Her writing style is phenomenal. So engaging and so fast-paced, like you’re just having a regular conversation at her kitchen’s table. And, yet, she’s able to intertwine all these powerful and important topics.

Dear Martin is one of my favorite books of all times, because despise being a super short-read, it holds a punch. There are a lot of meaningful discussions and hilarious dialogues too. The same goes for Odd One Out. While the book touches on sexuality in a very messy, but relatable way, the narrations were always funny and endearing.

I am SO excited for Jackpot. I simply can not wait to have this book in my hands.


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Granted, my relationship with Stephanie Perkins has always been a bit of a hit or miss. We haven’t seen eye to eye in every single book, but I still know that I’ll buy any contemporary she releases in the future, because, deep down, I’m just her bitch.

I think my favorite trait in her writing is just how quirky it is. And not in like: “I’m desperate to be edgy” way, but just in an unique wayI had never seen in YA before. Like, in Anna and the French Kiss, where Anna is taller than her boyfriend. Or how Lola wears colorful wigs depending on her mood. Her characters aren’t exactly relatable, but that’s okay.

I sometimes look at people around me and I label the ones who look like fictional characters. They’re typically the most different ones, with crazy hairstyles or funky shoes. I think standing out is very much a fictional character trait and I love how Stephanie Perkins writes the best ones.

(Plus, the way she describes sexual tension. Ugh. Always a great time).


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Gayle Forman and I have a similar relationship than the one before. We have our fall outs every now and then, but we’re still connected deep down. (Why has this post turned into me discussing my non-existent relationship with book authors? Jesus).

I think my favorite thing about Gayle Forman is that she likes writing about music a lot. And I love books about music. So, we’re pretty much the perfect match.

She also tends to write a lot about New York or amazing places I’ve never been to but desperately want to and I am always prepared for a solid great time with her. Plus, she’s one of the few people whose set-in-one-day books generally work for me. (Except for I Have Lost My Way. That was sort of a disappointment).


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Important to note that even though I’m including all these authors in my favorites list, I know very littleabout their persona behind their books. Like, I am aware Maggie Stiefvater has a very big online presenceand I’ve read some of the things she said and completely disagreed with, but I’m still adding her to this list because I love her books to death. It’s a problem. I don’t think she’s ever made any hugeproblematic statement, but let me know if that is the case, so I can re-think this list.

Obviously, The Raven Cycle series is a huge deal and I am thankful for this amazing world she created. I also have to acknowledge The Wolves of Mercy Falls, because even though this is not her most popular series, I still adore it. I’m always grateful for people who are writing about werewolves, because few are BRAVE ENOUGH.

Her characters are always torn and broken and probably went through something very traumatic that either made them the softest beans (Gansey, Noah, Sam) orsnarky and rude badboys with a good heart beneath it all (Ronan, Cole). She also gave me the gift that is Joseph Kavinsky and I’ll never be able to repay that.

Yayyy! Those are all my choices for today. I am definitely a fan of Leigh Bardugo and Jenny Han as well, but I haven’t read as many books by them as I have by these other authors. Let me know in the comments some of your favorite female authors too! 

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